Friday, April 22, 2011

Ultimate Lie - Myth

Fai'titili (Thunder) had a long string of failed relationships before she met Malamalama (Lightning). He was perfect, more than love at first sight he was fate. Even Tagaloa approved. He was the light of her life.

After the wedding love began to fade though, Malamalama spent long hours at work witch kept him away from Fai'titili. It was one destined night that set the tone for the rest of their eternity together.

Fai'titili decided to take a home cooked meal to Malamalama at work. She wanted to surprise him with some good old spam and rice, a side of banana poi, and a tall glass of Kava. When Fai'titili arrived at Malamalama’s work she saw him with La (Sun). To this day when Malamalama hooks up with La you can see it in certain parts of the world (the aurora borealis).

Now Fai'titili’s tears fill the sky as she chases Malamalama with fire in her bosom and battle-axes in hands.

They say every once in a while Fai'titili catches up to Malamalama and lays into him, decimating all that gets in her way, but even that doesn’t quench Fai'titili's thirst for vengeance.